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19th September -Meet the Teacher, F2

19th September - Meet the Teacher, F2


Thank you to all the parents that supported our Meet the Teacher meeting, on Thursday afternoon.

We looked at different books that we will be sending home - phonic readers, non-word books, key word texts and adult-led reads.  (Please come and see me if you would like to know what these are!)

For those that have already responded to the questionnaire about what part of your children's learning, thank you, and we will be looking into a range of activities and meetings.  One question was about behaviour management.  We have a clear positive behaviour policy - looking for positives, making sure children know the boundaries before their behaviour is commented on and clear consequences.  (These ideas are based on reading as well as years of good practice and guidance from Senior members of staff - Bill Rogers and Elizabeth McPhersons 'Behaviour Management with Young Children' is a helpful guide for classroom practice.)

Will look forward to catching up again soon with the next session.
Mrs Schofield