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"Sowing the seeds for the future"

Glorious mud!

Our mud kitchen was tested out by FI (Nursery) this afternoon and proved to be a great success.


Here are just a few of the skills that children can develop through mud kitchen play:


  • Development of Pretence - children developing the capacity to use their imagination to feed their play.


  • Development and use of receptive and expressive language - children's ability to listen to and understand what is being said to them and also their ability to communicate their ideas and thoughts in a way that others can understand.


  • Mental representations - ideas that children create in their mind and then play out through role play and interaction.


  • Transform objects - children use their imagination to turn one object into another.


  • Interactive dialogue - children talk to others who respond appropriately.


  • Negotiation - using language and conversation skills to reach a compromise or end result.


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