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Underwater Street!

We had such an amazing day at Underwater Street! We climbed the climbing wall and stood like Kings and Queens of the castle, made aeroplanes, balanced on logs, shot balls into the goal, played in the post office, dog parlour and pizza place.


We made bubbles tubes big enough to stand in, painted a mini and panned for gold...hold on because we are not finished yet... we made slime, bath bombs, pictures, masks, magnets and games!


We had such a busy day and we were very well behaved at all times! Look at our pictures to see how much fun we had!

More Butterflies

We have now got 2 more butterflies in the Foundation Stage; Blossom and Lady. We have been looking after them by feeding the sugar water.

On Tuesday we released them into the wild, they didn't want to go at first because we have been very kind them. They eventually left us and found a new home.


Still image for this video
Look closely at the Blossom's tongue...Can you see how curly and long it is!


The whole of Early Years would like to say a very big HELLO to Flutter... the first caterpillar to change into a butterfly!

Keep checking the website for more pictures and we will keep you updated on the two chrysalis' that we are still waiting to see hatch.

Lets Go Walking

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Flutter the Butterfly

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Come Dine with Me

Thank you to all our parents for coming to our 'Come Dine with Me'. The children were very excited about this day and could not wait until you all arrived. We hope you enjoyed your meals!

This was such a special time that the children experienced which they can talk about in the future. Some of our children also had the pleasure of sharing this with their brothers or sisters. 

Again thank you for sharing this special moment. 



Come Dine with Me

Come Dine with Me 1
Come Dine with Me 2
Come Dine with Me 3
Come Dine with Me 4
Come Dine with Me 5
Come Dine with Me 6
Come Dine with Me 7
Come Dine with Me 8
Come Dine with Me 9
Come Dine with Me 10
Come Dine with Me 11
Come Dine with Me 12
Come Dine with Me 13

Wait a minute Mr Postman!

We have been very lucky to have a special visitor come into our school, Lee the Postman!

We now know lots of facts about being a postman such as, he has special grips that he puts on his shoes to help him walk in the snow and ice. He also has a posting stick...ask your children if they can remember what Lee might use this for? We had lots of fun learning about the lives of different people. Lee also had a very special delivery for all the children in class...a letter from Bessie Belle!

Trip to China Town


To reinforce our RE topics of Celebrating and Gathering we looked at how the Chinese celebrate New Year which in on the 19th February.

To get a better understanding we visited The Liverpool Chinese Gospel Church, this is were Pastor Daniel told us lots of interesting facts about why and how the Chinese celebrate New Year.  During our visit we looked at the Arches and the different buildings. We looked at the statues, street lights and Chinese writing.


We visited Chung Wah Supermarket and bought some Chinese lanterns, dragons and drums and Chinese food to try.  In our buffet we tried prawn crackers, fried rice, coconut rice crackers, spring rolls and lychees.


Well Done Reception!


The Junior Chef Academy


On Wednesday the 28th January 2015 we lots of fun becoming junior chefs!

We made 'Beatles Banana Bake'! 

We learnt lots of new fine motor skills on how to use a knife safely to chop, a rolling pin to crush and whisk  to beat the ingredients. We learned about working in a team and talking to each other to make sure we are following instructions.  We also learned about respecting food and eating food that is healthy for us. We tried lots of different fruits and we got to try mystery smoothies.

Here are some pictures.

We have come to the end of our first term in Reception and we have had so much fun! 


We have learnt a lot from being doctors to spacemen to Santa's helpers in our workshop and learning about the season of Autumn. We have also made some good friends with Jason our Drama teacher and Miss James who joined our class. We have celebrated different religions and learnt about Hanukkah but most importantly we celebrated the birth of Jesus.  


We are looking forward to what the next term will bring...see you soon.

Christmas Dinner Day


We are amazing at PE!

During PE the children have been looking at how they warm up to get their bodies ready for exercise. We have been looking at traveling in different ways, this might be walking, running, hopping, skipping, jumping or slithering. We have also been developing our hand eye co ordination skills by working in groups to pass a ball to each other. But the best game we play is The Bean Game...ask your children about this game. 

What a very busy first half term we have had in Reception!

We have been focusing on sharing and being kind to each other by keeping our class promises.

In our phonic groups we have been very busy learning lots of new sounds and learning how to write them! Maths has been lots of fun because we have been learning about numbers, shapes and patterns!

We have had a very busy first week in Reception!

We have been playing outside, learning our Phonics and getting to know some new children.