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Parent Maths Session

Parent Maths Session


Thank you to all the parents that attended our second session about maths.

This week we thought about the 3 parts of counting - numbers, calculating and shape.
In terms of numbers, we were thinking about number recognition and ordering, then finding one more and one less.  We used number tiles, equations with counters and practiced number writing.  We will be building up to doubling, halving and sharing.

For sharing, we talked about using everyday items like cutlery at dinner, or biscuits.  And for doubling we used butterflies and tried to copy the number.  We had to count the number correctly, count out the correct matching number and then find a total!  Challenging, but many of us are able to do this now.

It is the 'teen' numbers that are the most tricky - both with pronunciation and remembering their order.  And when numbers are secure counting up, we are working on counting down from 20 to zero.

In learning about shape, we are going to be thinking about 2D shape names and learning some 3D shpae names.  We will find them, match them and describe them.  

Thank you again for all your support and especially for taking on any of these ideas home.  Please look out in the homework for numberlines in the next week, and support your child in feeling more confident in their letter writing and recognition.