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Parent Phonic Session

 Parent Phonic session


Thank you to all the parents that attended our phonics session this morning - it was a great opportunity to share all the great progress that our children have made this year so far.

I talked about recognising letters and making words (reading) and recalling letters ready to write, once we've segmented (cut up) words (for writing).  And now we're working on more complex sounds - 2 letters making one sound - and the children need lots of support with reading at home.  They are working very hard and we are starting to see their knowledge in their writing - well done!  I will post some examples up over the next week to show how well our children are working.

Some activities we showed today were:
- joining in with a rhyming book
-reading a caption (or sentence) and looking for the picture to match
-building words with letters (multilink)
-reading and spelling words on a whiteboard
-matching complex sounds with their picture in bingo / lotto

We are so grateful for all your support, and have time to talk about other areas you would like support with.  We will be looking at maths and then writing.  Let me know if I can do anything.

For homework, we're asking you to help by asking the children to spell words from their stories.  Can they spell with the sounds first, then the letter names?  Help them to copy some tricky words out.

Looking forward to working together more.
Amy Schofield