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Parents' Writing Session

Parents' Writing Session


We reviewed our children's fine motor skills through the year, first.  Every day the children arrive to Finger Strong activities - work that will help their hand and finger muscles grow ready to write.  At the beginning of the year we were learning to draw our ideas, and as we have grown and matured with greater skills we have started to record our ideas in written words.

Writing is complicated.  We need to hear sounds in words, remember what the letter shape is we are trying to record and create the shape.  Then once we have one sound, we have to create a word, and then sentences.  Some children are still recording initial sounds, using the letter strip to support, some children are starting to record simple words, and some brilliant writers are able to record all their sounds and words with spaces in between them.  This is where we are all headed, working hard to all be independent writers by the end of the year.

Parents need to model and continue to write - we use technology so much to communicate!  We need to keep using written notes to model sound writing and reading - shopping lists, letters to family who live far away, notes  on the fridge to tell us when there is exciting food inside!   

Thank you to all those parents who have joined our sessions - more than half the class have been represented!  So thank you!  And thank you for working closely with us to help your children's work improve.