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Letters and Sounds is a six-phase programme followed in school.  It is designed to support children in their reading and spelling using phonics. Children participate in daily phonics session groups, differentiated according to the  phase they are currently working at. 



PHASE 1 – Nursery
The aim of this phase is to foster children’s speaking and listening skills.
PHASE 2, 3 & 4 – Reception / Year 2
In phase 2 - 4 children learn how to represent 42 sounds by a letter or a sequence of letters.
•Children learn how to blend sounds together for reading and how to segment (split) words.
•Children learn the Letter Names, usually once they are secure with the letter sounds. 
•Children will learn how to read and spell some high frequency words/common exception words.
PHASE 5 – Year 1 & 2
Children learn new ways of representing the sounds.  They practise blending for reading and segmenting for spelling.
PHASE 6 – Year 2
During this phase children become fluent readers and increasingly accurate spellers.


What makes a successful reader?

A variety of reading strategies should be used:

  • Letters and Sounds; segmenting and blending words
  • High frequency/common exception words
  • Picture clues
  • Repetition
  • Making sense of what is being read


Children need to understand what they read.  They need to learn a range of comprehension strategies and should be encouraged to reflect upon their own understanding and learning. Children need to be taught to go beyond literal interpretation and recall and to explore the greater complexities of texts through inference and deduction.  Supporting your child at home with their reading is essential  in order for them to become fluent readers and to practise the skills that they have learnt.

Suggested websites/links to support the teaching of phonics: