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"Sowing the seeds for the future"

Spring Term

2D and 3D Shapes

We have been looking for 2D shapes around our school environment, when we found one we drew it on our piece of paper. We also noticed some 3D shapes in our environment.

Shrove Tuesday

We are celebrating Shrove Tuesday by having pancakes with golden syrup or chocolate sauce!


Number Bonds

We have been focusing on making number bonds of 10! We know that certain numbers are best friends!

We have used Numicon number shapes to help us.

Making Number Bonds of 10

Junior Chef

We have become Junior Chefs! We made a tiramisu using fair trade products! It was delicious.

Bird Feeders

We have been looking at how we can look after the birds during Autumn, so we decided to make bird feeders. We mixed lard with bird seed and put it around a yoghurt pot. We placed them in the fridge for a day for it to go hard and then we tied them to the trees.

Bird Feeders

Chinese New Year

In Reception we have been learning about Chinese New Year. We read the story of Chinese New Year and we know that 13 animals had a race and the first 12 had a year named after them. We also tried lots of different Chinese food such as Noodles, prawn crackers, egg fried rice and we took a fortune cookie home. We also made a Chinese dragon and danced to the Chinese music.