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Supporting my child


In Nursery class, we work hard to ensure that your child becomes sociable, independent and able to communicate well with others.  Below are some of the ways that you can support your child BEFORE they join Nursery:


When you child joins Nursery, our expectation is that most children will be able to use the toilet independently or tell an adult when they need to use the toilet.  Please support your child at home, in the few months before their third birthday (if not sooner) to access the toilet independently.  Please encourage your child to wipe themselves after using the toilet.  We understand that it can often be quicker for parents to wipe children's bottoms at home but the more practise children have at home, the easier it will be for them to use the toilet successfully in Nursery.  Jogging bottoms are recommended for Nursery, as children are able to easily pull them up and down to use the toilet.


Please encourage your child to put on their own coat/take it off at home and to hang it up.  In Nursery, each child has their own peg and hangs their coat and bag on their peg.  The more practise you can give your child and dressing and undressing themselves, the easier this will be for them.  Additionally, your child should be encouraged to put on their own shoes and take them off.  We recommend that your child wears velcro shoes for Nursery, to make this easier for them.


Independence at meal times is very important and should be encouraged at home. Your child should be encouraged to pour from a jug and drink from a cup.  Being able to use a knife and fork is also a skill which can be taught at home, before children join Nursery.


Children coming to a Nursery setting for the first time sometimes struggle with being able to share and take turns.  You can support your child at home by playing turn-taking games with them and by encouraging them to share things with you.


The best things you can do to support your child's learning and development are to listen to, play with, sing songs with and read stories to your child EVERY day.  This will give your child a fantastic start in their education.


Your child will be given a  book bag soon after joining Nursery class.  Please send your child's book bag into school each Wednesday so that we can swap your child's story book.