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Thank you for taking the time to visit our website. Everyday is an Open Day at Our Lady's so if you would like a tour, please just contact the School Office.


We pride ourselves on the care and support that we give all of our school community - our pupils, our staff, our parents, our families and our parishoners, as we strive for excellence socially and academically throughout the school. We work together to inspire and learn, guided by God's love. 


We foster the Gospel Values in all that we do with our children and offer them an exciting curriculum that values their uniqueness and celebrates difference. Our warm and nurturing surroundings encourage all children to blossom and flourish.

From their very first moments in our school, our children learn that living safely, with kindness and showing respect are key to everyday life. 


With warmest regards,


Mrs C. McKinnon



22nd October 2020                      Parents Evening

23rd October 2020                School closes for Half Term 

26th October 2020  -30th October 2020

Half Term

​11th November 2020                   Year 6 Assembly

​12th November 2020                   Stay & Play (Reading)

​27th November 2020                   Year 5 Assembly

​4Th December 2020                     Year 4 Assembly

8Th December 2020                     KS1 Christmas Play

10Th December 2020                   KS2 Christmas Carols

15Th December 2020                  EYFS Christmas Play

18Th December 2020            School Closes for Christmas

21st December 2020  - 1st January 2021

Christmas Holidays

4th January 2021                        INSET Day*

5th January 2021                        School Term Begins 

All the above dates are subject to change. We will keep you updated.

This Week

As we come to the end of our third full week back in school, there are definitely some tired faces around - especially on a Friday - and that is just the staff! Yesterday I hope that your child(ren) shared with you that we celebrated Our Lady of Walsingham feast day in school - our community and our family. We know that there is an increase in cases of people testing positive for COVID-19 in our local area, and it really is just a matter of time until we have to contact parents to tell them that a bubble is temporarily closing, BUT we are so overwhelmed by the fantastic messages of support from parents that we have received - and all the lovely comments at the gate. Once again on a Friday, I find myself saying THANK YOU! This week I am absolutely overwhelmed by your generosity. Our Sponsored Reading week has lead to the most incredible donations coming into school - thank you to you all. Every family who has sent sponsorship money in., will be receiving a very special card from us in the next week. Finally, when it is raining, we will still have to stick to our staggered drop off and pick up times, but we will do our best, especially at home time, to make sure that children are out promptly - please ensure that they have a coat - and anyone waiting will need a coat and probably an umbrella!


I want to keep our staff, pupils and all of our families as safe as possible - please remain socially distanced from the school gate and please wear a mask. We have received some queries this week about masks in school - pupils do not wear them. Staff wear masks/visors at the school gate and in communal areas, but generally not in the classroom. If a member of staff is working with a child 1:1 then they will take precautions. Every member of staff has the option, in school, of wearing a face covering, if they chose to. At the moment, our prioty is to try to keep everyone safe

OLW School Day

Gate One

09.00am - 15.00pm - Nursery & Reception

08.50am - 14.55pm Year 1

08.40 - 14.45pm Year 2

09.10am - 15.15pm Year 3

Gate Two

09.10 am - 15.15 Year 4

08.50am - 14.55pm Year 5

08.40am - 14.45pm Year 6


Stand Park Avenue




L30 3SA

0151 525 0395

0151 525 6358

Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Primary School

Stand Park Avenue, Netherton, Merseyside L30 3SA

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