Collective Worship


“Worship is concerned with the glory of God.”

The Governors of Our Lady of Walsingham Catholic Primary School recognise that Collective Worship provides opportunities for pupils and staff to come together to worship God.  Whilst respecting the diversity of belief and commitment, Collective Worship at our school will be Catholic in character, reflecting the liturgical tradition of the Church has Christ at its heart, where the Gospel values of our Lord Jesus Christ are taught, lived and experienced.

In order to achieve our aims, we will provide a variety of experiences which will take into account the religious and educational needs of all who participate.

Whole School Collective Worship takes place on a Monday using the previous Sunday's Gospel as a focus. This is often revisited during prayer time on a Friday during the Celebration Assembly.  This ensures that pupils have a sense of the Church’s Liturgical calendar.

A Collective Worship calendar, which includes themes, set out by the RE Co-ordinator is shared with all staff at the start of each term.  Scripture, prayer and liturgy are used although staff are encouraged to use spontaneous opportunities to worship when they occur.

Delivering the Word of God 






Lower KS2


Upper KS2

A link to our schools Collective Worship policy can be found below. If you require any further information, please contact the school office.