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Spring Term 2020

This term the eco council have been reviewing the previous years' target areas and action plans to improve our school and the local environment.

We made some adjustments as we felt strong and passionate about some topics that were not included last year.

The council has decided to make our new 3 focus topics energy, transport and litter.

In the near future, we will be creating an action plan full of ideas to put the message across of improving our environment in these areas, both in our school and in the wider community.

This will allow us to begin our journey of becoming a Green Flag awarded eco-school!

Eco council latest update March 2020

Just before the closure of school due to COVID-19, the eco committee had met up to discuss its action plan for the future, based upon our new selected focus topics.

The committee decided that it’s volunteers would do litter pickups within and just outside the school grounds to improve the appearance of the environment as well as keep animal habitats clear of hazardous objects. Over time this would also help them identify the areas which consistently have the worst litter issues and from here we could plan further to tackle this area with more bins and posters discouraging littering.

The committee also agreed on the importance of recycling bins as well as regular bins; we have made it our mission to get recycling bins within each classroom, and to make sure that this recyclable waste is being disposed of the proper way after it is taken away from the classroom bins.

To tackle transport and the issues behind it such as pollution, the committee planned to gather data about methods of getting to and from school by every pupil; from here they would display the data on charts and tables to put on a wall display for all to see and spread the message that too many of us are using ways that are harmful to our planet. From this data, we could plan ahead to reduce numbers using the most common methods of motorised transport, for e.g. begin a campaign of walking/cycling to school over car travel.

Due to the success of our ‘Switch off fortnight’, the committee decided to turn this into a permanent way of life in our school as it is of vital importance that we continue to put all of our efforts into reducing energy consumption from both an economic and environmental standpoint. We agreed that we would work on a rewards scheme to go along with this.

We also became aware of the various platforms available to us to share our missions and targets, such as the school newsletter, message posters on windows and around outside areas, letters home, school website and word of mouth.

We look forward to using these platforms to share our message and are eager to begin carrying out our action plan once school life has returned to normal!

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