Information about our Governors

If you need to contact the Chair of Governors or another member of the Governing Body, please do so through the school office by popping into reception or calling 0151 525 0395

The Governing Body at Our Lady of Walsingham is made up of 13 Governors who are committed to the school’s aims to encourage and develop the whole child intellectually, physically, emotionally, morally and spiritually, to achieve his or her full potential within a forward-looking, stimulating and secure environment.  The Governors at Our Lady of Walsingham works closely partnership with Mrs. McKinnon (who is a member of the Governing Body), staff, pupils, and parents to enable children to achieve success and to prepare them for the opportunities and experiences of adult life within a culturally diverse, ever-changing, society.

The Governing Body is made of members from different groups – parents, staff, our local community, and the Local Authority.  Individual governors bring their own experiences and expertise to the governing body and we aim to use their skills to the benefit of the school.   

The governing body is the school’s accountable body. It is responsible for the conduct of the school and for promoting high standards of achievement. The governing body aims to ensure that children are attending a successful school which provides them with good education and supports their well-being.

Our Lady of Walsingham Governing body

Headteacher: Mrs.C McKinnon

Chairperson: Fr L Collister Vice Chairperson: Mrs C Kenton


What does the Governing Body do?

Governors are responsible for a number of areas including attainment, finance, policies and procedures.  Their role involves working closely with the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team to ensure children get the best possible education to enable them to reach their full potential, in an environment where they feel safe, valued and where learning is fun.

Their main functions are to:

  • Help set the aims and objectives for the school

  • Help ensure the policies and procedures are relevant and achieve their objectives

  • Set targets to monitor the progress of the school to ensure it is meeting its aims and objectives

  • Be a critical friend to the school and provide a source of challenge and support

The Governing Body has 5 sub-committees; 

Teaching & Learning, Resourcing, Health & Safety, Admissions and performance Management.

Other working groups may be set up when needed to address or discuss particular issues or research a particular area and report back to the full governing body.


The overall purpose of the Teaching & Learning Committee is to:

  • Monitor the standards pupils achieve, making sure they make at least expected progress and that the school is at least in line Nationally.

  • Monitor the school's success in promoting inclusion

  • Ensure that the school development plan is focused on appropriate priorities for raising standards at the school

  • Ensure that policies are reviewed on a regular basis to promote improved standards

  • Advise the Governing Body of the school's curriculum policies and oversee the National Curriculum statutory obligations are met.

  • Contribute to, monitoring and evaluating parts of the self-evaluation summary, the school development plan and policies relating to resources issues, reporting or making recommendations to the full Governing Body


The overall purpose of the Resourcing Committee is to:

  • Formally approve the annual school budget at the start of each financial year.

  • Monitor purchasing and authorise purchases above a set amount.

  • Monitor income and expenditure at regular intervals.

  • Act as personnel and authorise staff pay rises in-line with the school's pay policy.

  • Audit accounts and acts on the school’s audit action plan.

  • Agree on the staffing structure with the Headteacher


The overall purpose of the Performance Management committee is to carry out the Governing Body's statutory responsibilities for the Performance Management of the Headteacher.


The overall purpose of the Health & Safety Committee is to:

  • Adopt the H&S policy appropriate to the needs of the whole school.

  • Provide support and guidance for the Headteacher and Site Manager on all matters relating to the school premises and grounds, security and H&S.

  • Inspect the premises and grounds with the Site Manager termly and prepare a statement for the committee.

  • Ensure the school complies with H&S regulations, seeking external advice if necessary.

  • Complete the Accessibility plan for the school in consultation with either the Site Manager or Head Teacher.

  • To review and agree arrangements for school meals

Committees and  Members

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