Reading is a gateway to opening your imagination and broadening your horizons, without leaving the comfort of your home.

If you have ever enjoyed reading for pleasure and escaped to another land or dimension in your head, you will agree it is an amazing experience.

At our Lady of Walsingham we believe that reading is fundamental in teaching your child to learn.  Reading does improve your child's spelling and vocabulary. 

We have listed below a selection of websites that you may find useful .


Oxford Owl :

Highly recommended site with a good selection of online books. You will be able to access some books for your current reading level. But read whatever you choose! There are some interesting online and printable activities that go alongside some of the e-books provided.


Magic Keys  :

Lots of books like ‘The Gingerbread Man’ for younger readers, to the ‘Halloween House’ for older readers. Just the text here, so you can enjoy some silent reading. There is audio on some books.


Open Library :

For older children, an excellent selection of books to read online. Includes some classics like Peter Rabbit, Andersen’s Fairytales and The Jungle Book. Parents might want to help you select one to read.

Gateway to the Classics :

A vast array of well-known literature for all levels. It is all text, so enjoy reading for pleasure. The Velveteen Rabbit is a classic!


The Jungle Book e-book :   (The original jungle book)



To listen to stories being read aloud, whilst you read the text.

Storyline online :

Lots of lovely stories to choose from to be read to you by storyteller. You can follow the text with the video too!


Talking Stories LGFL KS2

Choose from a range of stories or non-fiction for it to be read to you whilst you follow text. Stories can be read in other languages too.



Free children’s audio books with many talented and well-known actors bringing stories to life for you.