Year 6 SATs

Top Ten  Tip's

SATs Tip 1: Celebrate your child’s success

SATs Tip 2: Keep calm and carry on – It’s only SATs

SATs Tip 3: Remain positive throughout

SATs Tip 4: Read a minimum of 10 minutes every day

SATs Tip 5: Make sure that your child has 30 minutes screen-free time before they go to bed

SATs Tip 6: Make your home ready for studying – somewhere quiet for homework is great

SATs Tip 7: Put aside ten minutes each evening to discuss how their day was

SATs Tip 8: Make sure that you are on time for school

SATs Tip 9: Have everything ready the night before - stop the morning rush

SATs Tip 10: SATs only test English & Maths, we are proud of every achievement of all of our pupils in every part of their lives and we celebrate their brilliant successes and personalities each and every day.

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