Welcome to Year 1 

Black History Week

For black history week, we focused on Bob Marley. We learned all about why he was important in Jamaican and world culture-his peaceful stand up for the fair treatment of his people, and his bringing together of people globally through his music back then and today. We listened to some songs and talked about the feelings it gave us; happy, joyful and safe to name a few. Of course, we also had a dance!


We listened to various music styles from composers who tried to implement what each season brings to us in terms of weather and feelings into their music. We had a go using lots of different instruments in various different ways and ended with an orchestra playing us through the full year via music!


We have continued learning lots about Autumn this term, focusing on how the weather brings about change to plants and leaves. We studied the 'Leaf Man' book and went on to make our own Leaf Man stories outside using our own leaf people drawn onto leaves to boost our creativity.  When we put these ideas to paper our stories were great. We also created our own Autumn style watercolour paintings, capturing the various colours we see during this season

Theatre company

We had a great time working all day with a theatre company who came and helped us put together a show all about traditional tales. We performed it confidently to the whole school at the end of the day-good practice for the Christmas play coming up.

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