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Stay and play

Our pupils displayed their amazing writing abilities to lots of parents at the recent stay and play session. They listened to an adult read a book for the first time and broke it down into a 3-part sequence, re-writing the stories along with drawing pictures to go with each part. This gave parents a quick insight into some of what pupils have been working on this term. Thanks to all for coming - pupils were very proud to show off their skills!


Our Y1 investigators have been patrolling the school grounds recently in search of all of the different materials they can find! They discussed the properties of materials they found and talked about why or why not it would be a good idea to use a certain material for various jobs or products. We also investigated whether or not certain materials float on water or sink - some surprised us, but most of our predictions beforehand were right.


We have been working with higher numbers up to 20 just before Christmas-we were ordering, comparing and dissecting them down to their 10s and 1s. This term we have been busy applying these bigger numbers to addition and subtraction sums using lots of different resources to scaffold our learning! We will soon be learning how to count in 2s, 5s and 10s.

Everton visit
We were very lucky to have welcomed coaches from Everton F.C., who came in for a morning to teach our class some impressive football skills. The girls and boys then had a head to head shootout at the end to put their skills to practice-Mr. Bloomer and Miss Dempsey included!

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