Welcome to Year 3


It was a busy afternoon in year 3. The weather was so cold and wet we planted our seeds indoors. We used flower and pepper seeds in our plant pots. We just need to water them, then make sure our plants are warm and have plenty of sunshine. When the peppers have grown we will eat them!


In mathematics, Year 3 are looking at making fractions. They make this look easy!  

Science Plants

As we start our new Spring topic in science (plants), we went into Joanna’s Garden to plant some of our own bulbs. These are in our classroom waiting to bloom - update later when these are established we will take some home and plant some in the garden. Thanks to Mrs Walker who donated pots. 

Musical Valentine’s Day

Today we learned all about the beat and rhythm of the music. We composed some of our own music to “Happy Valentine’s Day”.  We learned how to play different musical instruments and keep a beat, we also had a go at writing our own musical score (using whole and half notes). It was loud but fun.

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